Visualization engine

Picario is a visualization engine, software that allows you to realistically display every product in any possible color and fabric based on one picture (the master scene).Ideal for webshop owners, design studios, photographers, developers and marketing staff.

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The engine

With Picario the engine is the foundation of every solution. It can be a powerful tool to use in your own custom build solutions or start working with one of the ready to go Picario products.


Present your products and inspire your (potential) customers in an instant full screen product configurator. It’s off the shelf so you can start using it in no-time.

Make Your Content Stand Out

We include the Layer Slider, Revolution Slider, Fusion Slider and Elastic Slider.

Master Scene

A master scene is a basic image to use in your visualization tool. This can be a photo or a 3D render. We can help you generate this image so you can start creating endless variations with it.

Build Something Beautiful

Dozens of well designed shortcodes loaded with options gives you freedom.


XPO is the back end of the engine. It can be used as a webshop database, Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution or as instant online design tool.

Change Any Element's Color

We included a backend color picker for unlimited color options. Anything can be changed, including gradients!

“Working with the Picario products has helped us reach new industries, which was not possible before. Especially companies that offer many variations of their products.”

Pär Olson, Studio3D

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With Picario the possibilities are endless

With Picario it is possible to display every product – from walls and flooring to curtains and furniture – in any color or fabric. Including the preservation of correct light and shadow positions. Plain curtains or maybe a floral pattern? Picario’s technology knows no limitations.

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Picario works super fast

Whether it’s about quickly making different product variations, testing color combinations or the incorporation of the visualization engine in a webshop: Picario works super fast.You can immediately get started and within a few clicks you’ll already see results. Picario is THE solution for all your and your customer’s visual content issues.

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